New Year, New Playspace

Lot’s of new energy moving into 2024. Both of us are pretty excited about what’s to come, from new spaces to new events to weekend retreats. Stay tuned because we have lots of tricks up our leather sleeves! But one thing we’re tickled to announce is the addition of a new playspace. For most of 2023, whilst doing ALL the other things, we were carefully building out a new space near Sub Rosa which we have affectionately dubbed “Mother’s Den”.

Unlike our main dungeon space this one is just for Mistress Viola and Natasha Strange to schedule private sessions and/or coaching. It is available to some key members as well. But this space will not be rented out like Sub Rosa. It allows us to stretch out a bit and have more options for session scheduling and session types. We also open it up for our monthly Bootcamps for extra space to practice and play. If you’re interested in visiting Mother’s Den, you’ll have to book with one of the Proprietrixes to do so — or attend one of our Bootcamps.

Mother’s Den was truly a collaboration with some of the trusted members of our growing community of gracious volunteers. What’s evolved out of this collaboration is a lush, feminine, more domestic leaning space. We scored an amazing white lacquered bedroom set — that is straight 80s Miami Art Nouveau revival. Of course we’ve added restraints to our Barbie bed and filled the vanity with crossdressing items of all kinds — shoes, wigs, makeup, lingerie, panties, corsets, chastity, bondage…you get the picture.

The crew also built a platform for our Throne, for proper worship. A generous submissive crafted a classic disciplinary spanking bench as well. We’ve moved the standing cage from Sub Rosa to the Den and lit it neon pink — it’s become “The Doll Box” — a place to stash our naughty dolled up (or stripped down) submissives and sluts on display, captured and helpless…

Both Natasha and Viola have done a few photoshoots in there, and Natasha has filmed some content (check out her LoyalFans for a peak inside). And of course, we’ve got a spiffy new 3D tour courtesy of Portland Creative Photography. We are so excited for this new space and the new energy it brings. We hope to see some of you there very soon.