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Emily Bingham

Emily Bingham

CircleOfLight is a kink educator, erotica writer, and rope slut. She’s been obsessed with rope geekery since she was 4 years old and has tied seriously for the last decade. She started out as a bottom and fetish model, now she gleefully enjoys switching it up as a toppy, fun-loving switch. Teaching in her inclusive and silly style, she especially enjoys showing people new to the world of kink how to safely get it on with sexy rope. When she isn’t playing with rope she’s spending time with her obscenely adorable dog.

Stripeysocks got embarrassingly squishy the first time she rope bottomed in 2008 and it’s been one of her biggest kinks ever since. Up close, connected, terrible sadistic rope is her very favorite kind. And she can teach the bottom’s perspective in rope even while all tied up in the worst predicament.

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