About Us

Viola Parker

Mistress Viola

Mistress Viola has 10 years experience as a professional dominant, with her roots in a San Francisco house of domination. Over the last several years in Portland, she has begun couples coaching, teaching workshops, and hosting local femdom events, including the popular monthly party at Sanctuary – 50 Shades of STFU.

Creating femdom community and safe spaces for submissives of every gender is near and dear to her heart. Sub Rosa has been a work in progress for many years, and she is so excited to keep the community growing and building stronger connections.

Viola has a background in creative writing, marketing, and event planning.

Mona Darling

Mona Darling

Mona Darling teaches women and couples to discover, embrace and communicate their kinks. With over twenty years experience as a professional dominatrix, she has a deep understanding of what draws people to kink. She is a shame-buster who seeks to normalize women’s sexuality and empower women to make their own choices, based on what is right for them, not what society thinks is right for them.

She is the author of a BDSM primer for adults who are curious about kink called Kinky Sex Tips for Curious Girls: A BDSM Activity Book for Beginners. It’s full of color pages, fun activities, puzzles and solid information about kink, consent and communication.

Natasha Strange

Natasha Strange offers sadistic escapism with wit and style. She has been playing professionally for well over 20 years, and in her personal life for much longer. She offers creative sessions in a wide variety of disciplines, but is well known for her love of sissification and crossdressing, diaper discipline and adult babies, orgasm control, tease and denial, chastity, and erotic humiliation.

She called San Francisco home as she traveled the world spreading her special brand of sadistic love. She has called Portland home for the last 3 years.