The Femmes and Themmes of Club Rosa

Portland Dominatrix of Club Rosa
The Femmes and Themmes of Club Rosa

Club Rosa is a community oriented coworking space for erotic entrepreneurs associated with Sub Rosa and mentored by both Princessa Natasha Strange and Mistress Viola Parker. We have a pretty typical coworking space where we host skillshares, happy hours, argue with the printer, and hustling to make our businesses thrive. Our businesses just happen to be a touch unconventional. Members are all kinky entrepreneurs who create content, coach, play, and thrive in Sub Rosa.

Introducing, from back top left:

Top Back: Lady Lilah Wilde * Mx Luna Izel

Second top row standing: Elsewise Empire * Nova Starlust * Princessa Natasha Strange * Maeve McBride * Mistress Viola Parker * Goddexx Daphne * Mistress Mercy

Third row seated: Goddess Autumn * Mischief Morningstar * Goddess Cash * Queen Milena * Goddess Damascena

Front seated on floor: Your Majesty Ginger * Hitchin’ Kitten

Not pictured: Mistress Leona Rowan, as well as our submissive members, Susie, Raeven, and Allie.

Thank you to Amber Red Photography for capturing our magic!