The Femmes and Themmes of Club Rosa

Portland Dominatrix of Club Rosa
The Femmes and Themmes of Club Rosa

Club Rosa is a community oriented coworking space for erotic entrepreneurs associated with Sub Rosa and mentored by both Princessa Natasha Strange and Mistress Viola Parker. We have a pretty typical coworking space where we host skillshares, happy hours, argue with the printer, and hustling to make our businesses thrive. Our businesses just happen to be a touch unconventional. Members are all kinky entrepreneurs who create content, coach, play, and thrive in Sub Rosa.

Introducing, from back top left:

Top Back: Lady Lilah Wilde * Mx Luna Izel

Second top row standing: Elsewise Empire * Nova Starlust * Princessa Natasha Strange * Maeve McBride * Mistress Viola Parker * Goddexx Daphne * Mistress Mercy

Third row seated: Goddess Autumn * Mischief Morningstar * Goddess Cash * Queen Milena * Goddess Damascena

Front seated on floor: Your Majesty Ginger * Hitchin’ Kitten

Not pictured: Mistress Leona Rowan, as well as our submissive members, Susie, Raeven, and Allie.

Thank you to Amber Red Photography for capturing our magic!

Rate Increase

The last two years have been difficult for everyone. Small businesses, especially ones who thrive full of people and community have been hit especially hard. Mistress Viola and Natasha Strange have hustled and pivoted to keep Sub Rosa alive and well during this time as cancellations and cleaning supply prices have skyrocketed. We have decided to raise community rentals from $80 to $90 per hour starting Feb 14th. Class prices will also be going up a bit so class sizes can stay smaller while still paying our educators fairly. If you want to lock in a few rentals at the lower price – purchase gift certificates now! They will be honored even after the rate goes up. And a reminder – if you bought gift certificates to support us during the pandemic, they are still valid- even if our system says they aren’t. Just reach out and we will help you book!

Thank you again for your continued support. We hope to see you soon! Stay safe out there!

XOxxx – Natasha and Viola

Club Rosa and a Clothing eXXXchange!

While we have been quiet, we have been very busy behind the scenes birthing our new baby, Club Rosa; a co-working and community space for kinky femmes. Club Rosa is meant for people who rent Sub Rosa (or want to!) regularly as a place to socialize, as well as build their business though skill sharing and collaboration. We have been very lucky to have such a great community of wild kick ass femmes join us early in this venture and help us build the space out. As of right now we have only have a few membership spaces left. Please reach out soon if you are interested in grabbing one.

We will also offer day passes for people who will only want to come work at the space occasionally, or for traveling femmes who would like a kinky fun place to work for the day.

While we are not quite ready for full on glamour shots, here are some sneaks of our new spot! It will compliment Sub Rosa in both it’s lux feel, as well as it’s many usable spaces. Just very different objectives. We have high speed wifi, a black and white laser printer, lots of places to lounge, two desks for those who prefer a desk for productivity, and a very large collection of vintage smut and BDSM books. There are also lockers to rent to store your kinky gear. And of course tea and lite snacks to keep you nourished. Membership also includes a monthly skillshare, a monthly happy hour, and discounted coaching with Viola and Natasha. Members are encouraged to use the space to host meetups with other members; everything from book clubs to support groups.

A limited number of private meetups which are open to the public will be happening here as well. The first and third Wednesdays the Portland Recovery in the Lifestyle group will meet here. If you are kinky and working through a 12 step program, please reach out to them. If you have a similar group looking for a place to host your gathering, reach out with your budget and requirements.

Clothing eXXXchange!

Our first community happy hour is July 14th from 6-9pm. What better way to get to know your community then to strip down and try on clothes with them. While happy hours are will generally only be open to members and their plus one, this one will be open to any femme who reaches out to Viola or Natasha and asks for an invite.

New 3D Tour!

We have made several updates to Sub Rosa since we opened in 2018. Thank you Peter Chee Photography for capturing them for our new 3D tour. New photos are currently being edited and will be on the site soon! Sign up for our newsletter as we have several fun kinky announcements coming as things are starting to open up.

A Kinky Escape from our Covid Reality

Yes! We are open. But not the same way we were in the pre-Covid world. We no longer host classes or gatherings, BUT you are invited to host your own intimate gathering at Sub Rosa!

We still host classes digitally, including the fan favorite FemDom Bootcamp. In it’s digital incarnation we are able to invite FemDoms from all over to share their views and insight, so there’s an added bonus to online classes!

What kind of gatherings can you host? We invite you to use Sub Rosa as a sexy escape for four people or fewer who wish to escape the real world for a bit in a luxe space full of kinky sex toys and bondage furniture. Want to take some dirty pictures for your play partners who are quarantined in another state? Just want to hang out in lingerie, use the WiFi, and drink champagne in a clean safe place that not your home or a bar? We are open for that as well.

What is the rate? The rate is $80 per hour with a 2 hour minimum and a 4 hour maximum. After we get to know you, however, longer rentals or even an overnight stay in our Queen-size bondage bed is an option.

How do you make a reservation? Email us for the password to our reservation system. You will need to tell us a little bit about yourself and the person/people you will be bringing. We also like to take a look at your Fetlife profile (feel free to friend us!) or social media profile. Sub Rosa is a very special place and we like to know who we are sharing it with. As longtime members of the kink community, discretion is sacrosanct, and we NEVER share information about our renters with anyone. We ask the same of our community of renters and class attendees, as our address and location is not public.

Curious about limits? Limits aren’t a bad thing and everyone has them including us. No blood or bodily fluid play. No fire play. No art supplies. And of course, no sex or naked bodies on the vintage velvet couch. A full list of the rules is available when you reserve your time. Please feel free to reach out if you have any questions.

Please arrive in masks. One of us (Natasha or Viola) will let you in to show you around, also masked, before leaving you to your private escape. We have a very strict cleaning protocol (much of which we put into play LONG before Covid) so you can be assured that our space is one of the cleanest places to visit in Portland.

It is our dream playspace and we treat it as such. We hope you will reach out if you are interested in renting!

Representation Matters

If you have connections with clubs, venues, or really, ANY organizations or companies with employees please use your connections to pressure them to align and act with this racial justice movement and seek DEI training for owners and staff, as well as representation in your organizations. The PDX Stripper Strike is leading by demanding fair treatment and equal stage opportunities, accountability, and restorative justice in the local clubs in Portland. Be sure to support the clubs who have signed on, and pressure/boycott the clubs who have not. You can also donate to the collective action.

We have been investing more time in our own direct actions and anti-racist education. We will be joining this upcoming series hosted by Marla Renee Stewart and Luna MatatasRace & Kink: A Bi-Weekly Discussion Series. We hope you will join us too! TICKETS HERE.

Upcoming Online Events & Classes

WEBINAR: FemDom Bootcamp
Distance Domination Part II: July 2nd, 6-8pm PDT
How can we better flirt remotely, tease, torment, and bond with our dominants and submissives? Our powerful band of experienced FemDom & badasses (Mistress Mia Darque, Natasha, and Daddy An-Li) will tackle the subject along with some of our trusted submissives who will weigh in on the experience from the other side, with live demos! If you missed Part I of this series, never fear, we will review. Note: webinars are participatory in chat only, you will not be onscreen. TICKETS.

Intro to Cock and Ball Torture (CBT) with Luna Matatas
Thursday July 16th, 4-5:30pm PDT
There’s a delicious line between pleasure and pain. As extreme as cock and ball torture (CBT) may sound, the spectrum of pleasure for the penis and testicles is diverse and full of fun. The pleasure for the giver of CBT can also be a delicious dimension of sexuality to explore. Luna Matatas is a Sex, Confidence and Pleasure Educator with over 10 years of experience in sexual health and wellness internationally and locally. TICKETS.

STFU & QUINK! Online – Kinky Play Party
July 18th, 8-10:30pm PDT
Viola’s monthly queer kink play party is combined for July with her monthly FemDom play party. This is an invite-only, vetted online play party for queer kinksters and femdoms and their submissives which begins with featured guests & performances and includes kinky cruising and networking games and well as highlighted steamy onscreen kink scenes. Performers TBD but guest Marla Renee Stewart confirmed to join us so get ready to be dazzled, delighted and seduced. View details here but email for link to register as we are vetting attendees and will want to know who you are.