An Interview with Veronica Yanhs of Desires Laid Bare

How long have you been involved in kink and how did you get involved?

Since 2013. I had been researching for a while, and when got the chance, went to my first munch and the rest is history!

What advice would you give your younger self when you started exploring this type of play?

You’re enough as you are. I used to think there was something terribly wrong with me. AND it’s okay to laugh and be silly. BDSM, especially D/s doesn’t have to be so serious all the time.

How has your play evolved?

I’ve incorporated a lot of mental kink into my play now. So I experience kink as a mind, body, heart experience. It used to just be the physical.

What do you love about sharing your kink or fetish with others?

Showing them what’s possible, that they don’t have to settle. they can find their unicorn of play and/or partners and be SO immensely satisfied and happy.

Learn more about Veronica at or check her teachers page to see what she’s teaching next.