An Interview with Tantrika

How long have you been involved with rope?

I started giving free rope tastings to the Kink Community in 2013. People liked my style and soon asked me to teach it as well. In 2016 I was given the opportunity to create my rope group which I call “On The Fringe”. We meet monthly and it has made me an even better teacher. 

What advice would you give someone just starting out with rope bondage?

Rope can be a difficult thing to learn well. You will need to commit to frequent practice, but it is totally worth it !

How has your rope play evolved?

As the techniques became more ingrained in my mind, I was able to simply relax and trust the flow of a session. It became more of a sensual and spiritual experience for me, which is not something I knew was possible when I started learning my first chest harness. 

What do you love about sharing rope with others?

I love the look of understanding and pride that a new student has once they realize there’s an underlying foundation of basic techniques to even the most complex ties. I like breaking the techniques down, making the classes playful and using normal language to make the lessons accessible for more students. It’s also fun to go to an event and see a student use something successfully that I’ve taught them. That brings it full circle for me. 

Tantrika teaches intro-level rope bondage at Sub Rosa.