An Interview with Adventure Pup!

Sub Rosa is thrilled to have Adventure Pup teaching “The Critter Within” Saturday, January 26th, 2018.

This is a great time to explore pet play and see if it’s for you, or if you are already into pet play – learn more it in this three hour intensive taught by Adventure Pup, who is Oregon State Puppy 2018! This class is an inclusive class, no matter what your identity or experience level, kink or otherwise, you will be warmly welcomed.

How long have you been involved in pet play and how did you get into it?

I started out as a kitty cat about four years ago while serving my Sir at the time, then evolved into more of a purring pitbull as I incorporated takedown and rough body play into my pet scenes. I always thought the pup stuff was just for cisgender gay men until my coworkers at Mr. S Leather encouraged me to try it out, introduced me to the San Francisco scene, and helped me find my place as a playful, wrestling pup. As soon as I moved to Portland, I was immediately accepted in the local scene and have had a wonderful time with PDX Pets and Handlers since then.

If you could go back and tell your young pup self something from when you very first started playing, what would it be and why?

Don’t be so concerned about what others think of you. I was very shy starting out because I did not want to be judged for my gender, but the Portland scene was extremely warm and welcoming, which did wonders to help me establish my pup identity and feel more in tune with my life as a kinkster.

How has your play evolved?

As mentioned above, I started out as a kitty cat that only came out in the aftercare portion of a kinky scene with kneading, purring, light play, and service aspects. After a while, I realized I was more of a pitbull with purring tendencies as I added in rough body play and brought out my pet side during the scene itself, and now I attend pet play events, shamelessly roughhouse for several hours, and unwind in the comfort of a giant puppy pile. BDSM is still a prominent part of my life but it does not always intersect with my pup side. Outside of events, I enjoy being in the headspace even while hiking or exploring new places so it is not limited to a dungeon.

What do you love about sharing pet play with others?

Pet play is great both for the pet and for those enjoying their antics around them because it has the power to instantly cheer someone up, among other benefits that will be discussed during the intensive on the 26th. Whether it is introducing someone new to the scene and seeing their eyes light up at the sight of my hood, letting vanilla folks boop my snoot and play with my glowing tail at a concert, or having a bio dog slobber my hood at Pride, pet play is a wonderful way to connect across different parts of the community and outside of it as well.