Boutique Fetish Space in Portland Oregon

Sub Rosa is Portland, Oregon’s only female-run fetish space, offering kink education, BDSM coaching, sexual empowerment retreats, boudoir and fetish photography, intimate play parties, and private rentals in a beautifully appointed play space.

In Latin, SUB ROSA literally translates to “under the rose” – and has evolved to mean secretive or clandestine. 

Welcome to the deliciously kinky underbelly of Rose City…

The Rose City has a well-earned reputation for being a city of kinksters and queerdos, with more strip clubs and sex clubs per capita than most cities of its size. But entering these spaces can be intimidating and overwhelming for adventurous newbies. We aim to create a safe space for consensual kink, offering discreet invite-only classes and coaching to those eager to expand their skills and find transformation and confidence through BDSM.

Upcoming Classes and Events

We pride ourselves on building community and providing a safe (and very swanky) space to learn. To find out what’s next, check out our calendar which is updated often and please do join the email list below for exclusive offers and invitations. Please note that all classes require pre-registration and community events are invite-only. All you have to do to get an invite is reach out!


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